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Online CRB Checks

CBS provide online CRB checks to small local companies through to mutli-national organisations throughout the UK. Our online service is approved and tested by the CRB and the Home Office, meeting all requirements for effective, efficient, accurate and extremely fast return rates of CRB Disclosures.

We are one of a very small number of companies in the UK who can provide a complete background check in as little as 3 days..

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CBS are able to offer a variety of products and services for organisations wishing to access Ebulk. We have several options available and can provide a tailored solution to suit your requirements.

Submit multiple CRB applications online with our custom built ebulk system.

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CBS: Your one stop shop for CRB checks and background screening services

Complete Background Screening (CBS) is authorised by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Scottish Criminal Records Office (SCRO) to provide criminal disclosure checks. We are the first choice CRB check provider for thousands of organisations across the UK.

CBS is one of only a few companies selected nationally by the CRB to deliver online CRB checks. This means that we can now turn around a CRB check in as little as a few days compared to other organisations taking weeks and even months to return the CRB disclosure. Our online solution allows users immediate access so that they can instantly begin to submit and receive CRB Checks. Our online CRB solution has been tested and approved by the Home Office, Ministry of Justice and the Criminal Records Bureau.

Online CRB Checks and Registration

  • Instant registration
  • Disclosure Database detailing all applications and status
  • No return of applications due to fully validated online solution
  • Enhanced disclosures returned in days
  • Standard disclosures returned in less than 48 hours
  • ISA Adult first checks returned in the same day
  • No delays
  • No postage costs
  • Reduces manual administration and increases productivity
  • Reduces carbon footprint
There are three different types of criminal disclosure checks. Depending on the role of an individual or the environment in which they work, will determine the level of criminal check available. Safeguarding children and vulnerable groups is top priority for individuals, companies and organisations alike. Therefore, most organisations will require the Enhanced level CRB Disclosure. Individuals are unable to obtain CRB Checks on themselves, however, a basic criminal disclosure is available to anyone for any purpose and can be ordered via our website. Additionally, you can register for standard and enhanced CRB checks online and provide us with all relevant information. We will then contact you to complete the registration process.

Basic Disclosure

A Basic level disclosure will detail all criminal information considered non-spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 or state that there are no such convictions.
Basic Disclosure

Standard CRB Check

Details of every conviction (including spent convictions), caution, warning and reprimand which is recorded in central records.
Standard CRB Check

Enhanced CRB Check

The prescribed details of every conviction (including a spent conviction), caution, warning and reprimand which is recorded in central records, and...
Enhanced CRB Check
As well as CRB checks, we provide a range of other screening services: employment referencing, security screening, international criminal checks, tenant referencing, Identity reports, credit reports and DVLA reports.

In addition to menu of products, CBS also carries out consultancy work to organisations that want to set up in-house CRB checking facilities or those that want to be better informed about the implications of undertaking CRB checks or changes in legislation.

Our fully trained staff are available Monday to Friday 9am-5am and would be please to discuss your company requirements and how we can best meet your requirements.

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Complete Background Screening (CBS) are registered with the DVLA, Verisign, Verify and are a registered umbrella body of the Criminal Records Bureau and the Scottish Criminal Records Office.