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About CBS

CBS was formed in 2004 and has grown rapidly to become one the most respected providers of CRBs in the UK. We now provide services – like CRBs, enhanced CRB checks and other background screening checks to a diverse range of industries throughout the UK and overseas. Our customers vary from small businesses through to multi-national companies and large general public sector and government organisations.

The CBS team is always fully up to date with all areas of the vetting industry. So whether you need advice on the new Vetting and Barring Scheme / Independent Safeguarding Authority, information about CRB tracking or just want to order a CRB – they are here to help.

And you’re in good hands: CBS is one of the the top 100 Registered Bodies throughout the UK, due to the volume of criminal checks submitted. Because of this, we have preferential communication channels with the Criminal Records Bureau and the governing bodies involved in children safeguarding.

CBS are a multi award winning company recognised for Innovation and commitment to its clients and employees alike. To date, CBS have received several awards, including Leadership in Wales Award 2009 and Innovative Business of the Year 2009.

Our Clients Include

Current Clients


“CBS provides us with a very efficient and personal service. Everyone we speak to is polite and friendly, we are very pleased we chose them as our provider of CRB checks to all NDCS groups.”
National Deaf Children’s Society.

“CBS staff are friendly and I can call and speak directly to someone as opposed to a machine.”
British Heart Foundation

“Since working with the team at CBS, it has taken a huge burden from the Ecolab HR Team at an exceptionally reasonable cost with very good turnaround times. When I ask that a particular case is given priority, I know this will be done. I trust the judgement of CBS and I know that I would be able to defend any decision I make on employment cases with regards to referencing information. I look forward to a good future working relationship”
Ecolab Ltd

“Having only recently been asked by our clients to obtain CRB checks we are very new to the process and rather unsure which route to take. We chose CBS initially because they offer the option of the employee taking their documents in to the Post Office for Verification. We have sales people scattered all over the UK so this was the ideal option for us. After then deciding on CBS, we were given a friendly and professional service”
Smith & Nephew Endoscopy

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NAPBS CBS are registered with Verisign CBS are registered with Verify
Complete Background Screening (CBS) are registered with the DVLA, Verisign, Verify and are a registered umbrella body of the Criminal Records Bureau and the Scottish Criminal Records Office.