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Complete Background Screening (CBS) is the market leader in providing full, detailed background checks from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) previously known as the Criminal Record Bureau (CRB).

Our streamlined system makes it easier and faster than ever before for your organisation to access a criminal disclosure on current and future employees. At CBS, the entire screening process can be carried out online, eliminating time, cost and resources – giving you up-to-date screening methods in a matter of days.

Disclosure Options

Access to DBS checks is strict as they are governed by legislation. Depending on an individual’s role will determine the level of criminal check you are legally able to undertake.
The cost:
When you work with CBS, you won’t have to sign any long-term contracts or pay monthly rates – you simply pay for what you use. We charge no registration or set up fees, our services are simply access on a Pay As You Use Basis. We do have a small administration cost for processing disclosures these are subject to VAT which and range from £6-13 according to volume, in addition to the DBS fees:

Standard Disclosure: £26.00
Enhanced Disclosure: £44.00
DBS Disclosures for volunteers: £0.00
We are also able to continually check an individual’s criminal history. This allows the employer to enhance their safeguarding procedures and also allows the applicant to use their criminal certificate for other positions without the need to renew every three years:

Registration only: £16.00
Registration and quarterly checks: £18.00
Registration and monthly checks: £19.00
Registration and weekly checks: £23.00

Standard (via the DBS) Details all criminal history; cautions, warnings, reprimands and convictions held on the Police National Computer, with the exception of the DBS filtering rule.

Enhanced (via the DBS) Details all criminal history (as per the standard disclosure). Additionally checks against the DBS Children & Adult (where appropriate) and information provided by local Police forces.

CBS also provide access to List 99 checks and DBS Adult first checks. These checks can often allow an individual to begin employment prior to the completion of a DBS check and are returned in less than 24 hours, in some instances immediately.

For more information about our Updating Service and Enhancement of Safeguarding please click here.
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What are our customers saying?
“CBS staff are friendly and I can call and speak directly to someone as opposed to a machine. Their staff are always helpful and able to provide me with whatever I need.” British Heart Foundation