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CBS has rapidly grown to become recognised as one the most respected providers of DBS background checks and Employment Screening systems in the UK.

We specialise in delivering bespoke solutions to help solve the most challenging of background screening problems. We can help you make smarter hiring decisions to employ the right people.

We are authorised and regulated by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and the Scottish Criminal Records Office (SCRO) whilst our online service is approved and tested by the DBS, Home Office and Ministry of Justice.


Help mitigate risk & safeguard employees and customers


Our screening services offer a wide range of vetting products


Bespoke solutions catering for online DBS checks and referencing


Over the years we have won numerous awards demonstrating our dedication to customer service

<h1>The Importance of Screening and the Consequences of Lying</h1>

The Importance of Screening and the Consequences of Lying

Many companies have not performed pre-employment screening in the past, instead choosing to rely on traditional face to face ‘judge of character’ analysis or gut feeling as that’s how the hiring process has always worked. However, hiring just from gut instinct alone can lead to a 50% hiring failure rate as companies don’t always undertake full […]

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